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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1884Public works: San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa) : the eastern urban expansion of the town: perspective of the building work, from the Santa Catalina bridgeComba, Juan; Vela
1889A couple performing the "Aurresku"Comba, Juan; Rico
18??International bridge, seen from the Irun sideComba, Juan; Rico
18??Remains of the old fortress in Fuenterrabia, which is said to have been founded by Sancho AbarcaComba, Juan; Rico
1884H.M. the King in Betelu : ball held on the night of the 29th of July: the rigadoon of honourComba, Juan; Rico
1884H.M. the King in Betelu: bathers decorating the ballroomComba, Juan; Rico
1884H.M. the King in Betelu: hydrotherapy room, where they drink mineral-medicinal waterComba, Juan; Rico
1884H.M. the King in Betelu: general view of the spaComba, Juan; Rico
1876San Sebastian H.M. the King arrives in the town by the Hernani road, on the 19th of FebruaryComba, Juan; Gapuz
1887San Sebastián: the function room in the "Gran Casino", opened on the night of the 1st of JulyComba, Juan; Rico
18??San Sebastián : the old church in San Sebastián "El Antiguo" and its surrounding area, before the Miramar palace was builtComba, Juan; Gapuz
1888San Sebastián: great displays of joy on learning the result of the elections for provincial council membersComba, Juan; Rico
1889San Sebastián: new church in Antiguo, San Sebastián, built at H.M. the Queen Regent s expenseComba, Juan; Gapuz
1883San Sebastian: ovation given to Their Majesties at the stationComba, Juan; Gapuz
1883San Sebastian: H.M. the King inspects the troops in the Avenida de la LibertadComba, Juan; Gapuz
1889Tipos de la comitiva de H.M. Queen VictoriaComba, Juan; Rico
1884Tolosa (Guipúzcoa): exterior view of the "La Guadalupe" paper mill, on the River OriaComba, Juan; Gapuz
1887Royal journey, the : boatwomen in PasajesComba, Juan; Carretero
1887Royal journey, the : Bilbao: Their Majesties and Highnesses depart for San Sebastián on the 19th of SeptemberComba, Juan; Rico
1887Royal journey, the : Bilbao: visit by H.M. the Queen Regent to the Orconera mine, run by the "Orconera Iron Ore Cº Limited" and to the Del Carmen factory in Baracaldo run by the "Blast Furnace Company", on the 17th of SeptemberComba, Juan; Rico
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Showing results 67 to 86 of 108
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