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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1876Abadiano, occupied by the Ciria Brigade on the 5th of this monthBecerro, Ricardo; Carretero
1876Action in Vildusola and destruction of the gunpowder factoryLagarde, Nemesio; Carretero
1876Arteaga : destruction of the cartridge factory in Huarte by General Pino s troopsLagarde, Nemesio; Carretero
1876Arteaga : furnaces in the cartridge factory in HuarteLagarde, Nemesio; Carretero
1874ArtillerymanPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Carretero
1874Advance parties of the troops in the positions conquered on the 26th of MarchPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Carretero
1876Alava Changing the garrison in the Esquivel tower, Miranda to Vitoria lineRodriguez Tejero, Angel; Carretero
1889Biarritz (France): the "Villa Larochefoucauld", chosen as H.M. Queen Victoria s spring residenceCarretero
1874RiflemanPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Carretero
1886Count of Spain, theLaporta [atribución]; Carretero
1880Antonio Juan de VildosolaBadillo; Carretero
1889Antonio Trueba, a popular novelistBadillo; Carretero
1883Fernando Alvisu, a priest from Elorriaga (Vitoria), a distinguished gardenerBadillo; Carretero
1878Cosme de Churruca, naval brigadier; [died] gloriously in the Battle of Trafalgar, in command of the ship San Juan Nepomuceno (21st of October 1805)Perea; Carretero
1884José Manterola, lecturer at the Provincial Institute of San Sebastian. Born in 1849, he died in the same town on the 29th of February 1884Carretero
1886Luis Fernández de CórdovaLaporta [atribución]; Carretero
1880Pablo Sarasate, Spanish violinistBadillo; Carretero
1886Ramón de BarrenecheaBadillo; Carretero
1874Duke de la Torre visiting the positions on the army s right wing, the - Battery on the Las Arenillas hillPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Carretero
1876Durango : Carlist fugitives heading for Mañaria, Uncilla and AramayonaBecerro, Ricardo; Carretero
Showing results 1 to 20 of 52
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