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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1845[Attack by Espartero on the bridge in Bolueta]Chamorro
1842[Community of Capuchins in Pamplona leave the convent because they feel unsafe ]Zarza; Chamorro
1842[Sagarminaga s arrest at the meeting of the Carlist leadership held in Gernika]Zarza; Chamorro
1845[Clash in Puente la Reina]Miranda, Manuel; Chamorro
1842A gunpowder factory is made unusableChamorro
1842General Rodil is burnt in effigyChamorro
1842Rebels driving cattle, theChamorro
1845[Burning of the convent of St Augustine in Bilbao]Mugica; Chamorro
1845[Fernando VII s death on the 29th of September 1833]Mendez; Chamorro
1842[Pro-carlist sermon]Zarza; Chamorro
1844[Siege of Bilbao]Miranda; Chamorro
1844[Liberal soldiers in a mess]Saynz; Chamorro
1845[Liberal soldiers wounded after the battle in Mendigorria]Villegas; Chamorro
1845Sublime sacrifice of a family manMiranda, Manuel; Chamorro
1845Elliot s treatyChamorro
1845[Zumalakarregi, with a bullet wound, is visited by don Carlos in Durango]Chamorro
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16


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