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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1874Before the battle: army advance party campPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Paris
1875The priest Santa Cruz: (Carlist ringleader)Paris
1876Antonio Lizarraga y Esquiroz, Carlist general who defended Urgel cathedralParis
1876Cayetano de Urbina, General Primo de Rivera s adjutant: [died] in the Action in Santa Barbara de Oteiza, on the 30th of JanuaryParis
1876Fernando Primo de RiveraPerea; Paris
1876Joaquin Elio, Carlist general: [died] in Pau (France), on the 26th of JanuaryParis
1874Teodoro Rada (Radica), Carlist leader: [died] on the 29th of MarchPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Paris
1875Tirso Lacalle (the lame man from Cirauqui), leader of the El Carrascal counter-guerrillasPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Paris
1875Antonio Lizarraga y Esquiroz, Carlist general, defender of the Seo de UrgelBecerro, Ricardo; Paris
1871Don Eduardo ZamacoisGarcia; Paris
1875Torcuato Mendiry, ex-commander general of the Carlists in NavarreBadillo; Paris
1874Francisco de Lersundi, Lieutenant-General, [died] in Bayonne, on the 17th of this month [November]Paris
1876Manuel Gutiérrez de la ConchaParis
1874Manuel Gutierrez de la Concha, current Commander in chief of the Army of the NorthParis
1876Carlist leader, Antonio Dorregaray, thePerea; Paris
1875Carlist leader, Jose Perula, Corella s scribe, theBadillo; Paris
1876Carlist leader, José Perula, theBadillo; Paris
1876Field Marshall José María de LomaPerea; Paris
187416-centimetre piece ready to be moved to the batteries at Las CarrerasPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Paris
1874First camp set up in Somorrostro, near La RigadaPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Paris
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33
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