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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1874To Bilbao!Pellicer Montseny, José Luis; Rico
1874Actions on the 25th, 26th and 27th of March in front of San Pedro de Abanto: panoramic view of the battle fieldPellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874Action of the 24th: occupying the houses in Somorrostro, on the right-hand bank of the riverPellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874Action of the 24th: the Ciudad-Rodrigo riflemen crossing the Somorrostro bridgePellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874Muleteers during a battlePellicer Montseny, José Luis
1891[A villager informs Andéchaga about the movements of the Queen s army]Pellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874Soul of the defence, thePellicer Montseny, José Luis; Marichal, G.
1891[Andéchaga observes the advance of the liberal army towards Balmaseda]Pellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874Before the battle: army advance party campPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Paris
1876Aramayona The Cordova Brigade enter the town on the 4th of this monthPellicer Montseny, José Luis
1876Aramayona Handing over the rations requested by Brigadier CordovaPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Rico
1890Forced armisticePellicer Montseny, José Luis
1890Voluntary armisticePellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874ArtillerymanPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Carretero
1890Attack by the Carlists on the fort in Ibero (Navarre)Pellicer Montseny, José Luis
1874Garrison auxiliariesPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Marichal, G.
1876Advance party of the Leon regiment on the heights of Ochandiano, where the Carlists were entrenchedPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Rico
1874Advance parties of the troops in the positions conquered on the 26th of MarchPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Carretero
1876Alava and Vizcaya - A. General Quesada s troops enter Ochandiano on the 29th of JanuaryPellicer Montseny, José Luis; Gapuz
1876Alava and Vizcaya - B. San Antonio chapel in Urquiola, occupied by the army on the 30th of January: (seen from the way up to the redoubt)Crespo, Enrique; Pellicer Montseny, José Luis; Gapuz
Showing results 1 to 20 of 187
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