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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1874Provisioning EstellaPerea
1874Scouting party on the heights of Santa LuciaPerea; Rico
1879Escoriaza Spa Funeral procession for the ill-fated Princess Pilar, when her corpse was taken to VitoriaPerea; Rico
1872Vizcaya - Cacotegui-Gañecoa farmhouse where the Carlist leader Francisco Ulibarri diedPerea; Gapuz
1876Charge by the King s Lancers in the Action at TreviñoPerea; Rico
1876Arsenio Martinez de CamposPerea
1876Fernando Primo de RiveraPerea; Paris
1878Cosme de Churruca, naval brigadier; [died] gloriously in the Battle of Trafalgar, in command of the ship San Juan Nepomuceno (21st of October 1805)Perea; Carretero
1875Army of the North - Heroic charge by 98 King s lancers commanded by Colonel Contreras, at the Action in the County of Treviño, on the 7th of this monthPerea; Rico
1874General Loma s entry into VitoriaPerea; Rico
1874Magazine fortress (Vitoria)Perea; Rico
1880Cool and doing nothingPerea
1878Hero of Izaro, the : Jose Ramon de Luzarraga, a sailor from Mundaca, who saved three shipwrecked sailors in the storm on the 20th of last AprilPerea; Carretero
1876Carlist leader, Antonio Dorregaray, thePerea; Paris
1876Field Marshall José María de LomaPerea; Paris
1782Basque marketPerea; Trichon
1874Miñones from Alava, Provincial Council volunteersPerea; Rico
1874Mobilised troops from Alava, volunteers from El HerejePerea; Rico
1874Observatory manned by lookouts in the cathedral tower in VitoriaPerea; Rico
1874Campaign munitions [and] bridge assembly unitPerea
Showing results 1 to 20 of 32
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