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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1874Action in Renteria, on the 10th of this month: view taken from the fort in DarietaRodriguez Tejero, Angel; Rico
1881[Mountain artillery]Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1874Aspect of the French bank of the Bidasoa during the burning of the houses in BehobiaBecerro, Ricardo; Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881Army scouting parties keeping watch on the fords of the Ebro (Rioja alavesa)Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1875Alava Salvatierra: place called Arricruz, where a couple of Carlist cavalrymen were stationedRodriguez Tejero, Angel
1875Alava Armentia: bridge over the Bayas, occupied by a detachment of Carlist cavalryRodriguez Tejero, Angel
1876Alava Changing the garrison in the Esquivel tower, Miranda to Vitoria lineRodriguez Tejero, Angel; Carretero
1875Alava Place called Conchas de ArganzonRodriguez Tejero, Angel; Gapuz
1875Alava View of Puebla de Arganzon, on the road from Miranda de Ebro to VitoriaRodriguez Tejero, Angel; Gapuz
1875Alava Vitoria: ceremony at which General Quesada decorated three riflemen from Barbastro, for mentions in dispatches at the Action in VillarealRodriguez Tejero, Angel; Gapuz
1875Battle of Treviño the town of Treviño (near the site of the battle)Rodriguez Tejero, Angel; Rico
1883[Carlist militia battalion]Rodriguez Tejero, Angel; Laporta
1881Vera (Navarre)Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1874Vera - Don Carlos s residence since the fighting in IrunRodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881[Liberal cavalry]Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881Munarriz farmhouse, in Abarzuza, where General the Marquis del Duero passed away, after the battle of Monte-Muro (Navarre)Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881Las Conchas de Arganzon (Alava)Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881Salvatierra Cross (Alava), theRodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881Dos Hermanas pass (Navarre), theRodriguez Tejero, Angel
1881Detail of the castle in Olite (Navarre)Rodriguez Tejero, Angel
Showing results 1 to 20 of 63
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