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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18451st siege of BilbaoSainz, Fran[cis]co
1842Action near the vantage pointSainz, Fran[cis]co
1842Action in las Dos HermanasSainz, Fran[cis]co; Martínez
1845Action in OrmaizteguiSainz, Fran[cis]co; Garrafa
1842Action in U[r]igostiSainz, Fran[cis]co; Martínez
1845Action in Las AmezcuasSainz, Fran[cis]co; Alabern, C.
1842Attack in PortugaleteSainz, Fran[cis]co
1842Attack on the bridge in BurceñaSainz, Fran[cis]co
1845Attack on the bridge in CastrejanaSainz, Fran[cis]co; Martínez
1844[Album of Carlist troops in the North]Sainz, Fran[cis]co
1842Cavalry charge against the rebelsSainz, Fran[cis]co; Gómez, Jose
1844[Count of Mirasol pretends to be a drummer to the Carlist soldiers, the]Sainz, Fran[cis]co; Saez, R.
1842Massacre of the Alavese volunteersSainz, Fran[cis]co; Gauthier, C.
1844Don Carlos and his escortSainz, Fran[cis]co
1844Infantry guard of honourSainz, Fran[cis]co
1842Rebels set fire to a fulling machine, theSainz, Fran[cis]co; [Batanero]
1844LecarozSainz, Fran[cis]co; Cibera
1842Rifles are found in the church in HuesaSainz, Fran[cis]co
1842The Gerona Battalion, taken by surprise near VitoriaSainz, Fran[cis]co; Garrafa
1844[Zumalakarregi intercepts a letter for the Governor of Vitoria]Sainz, Fran[cis]co; Cibera
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20


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