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Title: San Sebastián : the old church in San Sebastián "El Antiguo" and its surrounding area, before the Miramar palace was built
Description: Autographed page. Printed text on the back. It might belong to the publication "La Ilustración española y americana". Handwritten notes on the obverse and back. See also, engravings printed in the same series entitled "Convent and Antiguo point in 1788"( ND 3766) and "El Antiguo Convent in 1836" (ND 3767) available in the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council collection.
Physical description: 1 15 x 32 cm engraving on a 26 x 35 cm page; colour.
Issue Date: 18??
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10690/90877
Copyright: cc-by-nc-sa
Source: http://www.albumsiglo19mendea.net/en/ficha.php?foto=003768&codigo=3768
Appears in Collections:Album Siglo XIX


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    2011 Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia