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Title: Council of Merindades of Bizcaya offers Don Carlos lives and possessions on behalf of that most noble and loyal domain: 3rd of May 1874
Description: July 1889 edition. It illustrates the article "Las Merindades of Bizcaya & Don Carlos de Borbón" by M.N. After withdrawing from Bilbao & Somorrostro, the Carlist army, with Don Carlos at its head, advanced towards the interior. When he passed through Durango, the Las Merindades Council sought an audience to show him their support. Based on a photograph of the picture by Antonio Maria de Lecuona.
Physical description: 1 20 x 26 cm engraving on a 21 x 31 cm page
Issue Date: 1889
Publisher: Imprenta de Fidel Giro, Barcelona
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10690/92813
Copyright: cc-by-nc-sa
Source: http://www.albumsiglo19mendea.net/en/ficha.php?foto=001691&codigo=1691
Appears in Collections:Album Siglo XIX


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