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Title: Alava View of Puebla de Arganzon, on the road from Miranda de Ebro to Vitoria
Description: 8th of August 1875 edition. Editor and owner of the publication, Abelardo de Cárlos. Sketch submitted by Rodríguez Tejero, who witnessed "the tenacious action that General Quesada fought against the Navarrese battalions, in the area around Villareal (Alava), on the 29th of July this year". Autographed. Town "where the Carlists have had a customs post [until the blockade of Vitoria was lifted]"
Physical description: 1 9 x 16 cm engraving on a 28 x 41 cm page
Issue Date: 1875
Publisher: Imprenta de T. Fortanet, Madrid
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10690/93234
Copyright: cc-by-nc-sa
Source: http://www.albumsiglo19mendea.net/en/ficha.php?foto=001320&codigo=1320
Appears in Collections:Album Siglo XIX


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