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Title: Fuenterrabia gate, the
Description: Autographed. Description by the authors: This very ancient town, once the strongest and most important seaport in Guipuzcoa, faces the village of Andaya, situated on the french side of the bay at the mouth of the Bidasou... A reproduction of the engraving, belonging to Vizcaya Provincial Council is available in the publicación "De Biarritz a San Sebastián : Dibujos - Grabados - Ilustraciones - Opiniones"
Physical description: 1 36 x 25 cm engraving on a 54 x 37 cm page; col
Issue Date: 1839
Publisher: Published by T. Mclean, 26 Haymarket, London
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10690/94102
Copyright: cc-by-nc-sa
Source: http://www.albumsiglo19mendea.net/en/ficha.php?foto=000281&codigo=281
Appears in Collections:Album Siglo XIX


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